End of Q1

Today I see my eyes crying like that.

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After the new year ended, everyone went back to work, and so did my team. We all have an advance plan for what to do in Q1. That’s right, until almost 2/3 of the quarter, I received a notification from my calendar to attend another team’s meeting.

With my team’s resources, I didn’t handle all that work, I ended up putting it through the next quarter and dealing with the things that were committed with the group. About I am partially responsible for provision infra for the new system to migrate from onprem to cloud.

At the same time, the revenue team is planning to refactor the payment system in the last 1 month of this quarter. I was invited in to review and approve then rollback to the old payment system. Throughout somewhere 6 8 nights from 21:30 to 4-5 am. Although I go to work later in the morning, and sleeping outside of the hour makes me quite tired.

Near the end of the quarter, I had to support more to bring the system to the cloud without affecting many other teams in the process. And another teammate came over and told my boss. Today I see my eyes crying like that.

Goodbye Q1!