2022 Stories

A new year has come. I want to sit down and write some happened last year.

General. I want to write something and publish it. Just to feel that happy. In my memory. In 2022 that is a litte lucky and failer.

At the beginning of the year, I moved to a new room that is bigger and I am living alone. Moving to a new place is always tiring for me or anyone, from searching for a suitable room with reasonable rent, convenient for work, and many other factors. Finally, I found a room in District 7 which is quite convenient for me to commute to District 1 for work and has many nearby services.

This is also the first time I celebrated Tet in Saigon and my first Tet away from home. The streets were quieter than usual, and many services were closed on the first day of the year. I remember waking up and hearing the first wind chime from the neighboring house with the silence in this bustling city. I also visited the temple and met my former colleagues. It was a memorable Tet for me.

In mid-May, I graduated from university with a degree in Software Engineering. One month before the graduation ceremony, I received an email from the school announcing the registration for the graduation ceremony, and my friend received the same email. We exchanged opinions about whether we should attend or not, and my friend decided to go while I did not. Later, I changed my mind and decided to attend my own graduation ceremony. After the ceremony, we went to eat BBQ with my friend’s colleagues near the school.

During this period, I was working remotely for a digital finance company in Hanoi. After some time, I realized that remote work was not suitable for me. Therefore, I decided to look for a new company in Saigon. I searched for job opportunities on various platforms and found a job on LinkedIn at Chotot, where one of my former colleagues is currently working. I contacted him to send my CV, and a few days later, I received a call from the recruitment team to discuss some basic information.

Then, I received an email to take an online test within 2 hours. A few days later, I received another call from the recruitment team, informing me that I had passed the test. After that, I had two technical rounds and three more rounds. In about a month, I finally received an offer for my current job.